The Patient Experience Network (PEN) National Awards are delivered by the Patient Experience Network (PEN), which was founded by Ruth Evans. PENs vision is to create a unique platform and resource hub of best practice methods and models across the UK healthcare industry.
Ruths goal within the Patient Experience Network is to lead a unique patient experience awards programme, which has a positive impact for all involved.
PEN is a not-for profit, membership based-network, which seeks to independently assist, advise, and provide expertise to those working towards positive patient experience.

Ruth can be reached

The PEN National Awards (PENNA) are completely independent and are not sponsored by, or affiliated with, large media partners. This gives PENNA the unique advantage of being a free-thinking, independent body that can position itself separately from other healthcare awards, with highly valued judges who are experts in their field.


Louise Blunt is Head of Operations of the Patient Experience Network (PEN). She looks after the judging process and ensures everything runs smoothly across the programme. She is an enthusiastic champion of improving the experience of care. If you would like to get in touch she can be contacted


Becki Cross looks after our national awards event. She set up Events Northern Ltd in 2004 after gaining an Events Management degree from Leeds Metropolitan University and working for event management companies in Manchester and Liverpool.

Events Northern Ltd is a professional event and conference management company based in Preston, Lancashire. Becki also works with the Patient Experience Network, looking after our conferences and events, and can be contacted


Michelle Jonesis one of the voices you will hear when calling into the office. She looks after the office team who work hard to make sure we look after our members. The admin team can be contacted on