The Patient Experience Network (PEN) is a membership based network. Through this website our goal is to provide a valuable public resource to all those interested in the patient experience. Please do let us know if there are areas we can improve or if you have feedback on any of our content. We also issue a free newsletter so please let us know if you would like to join our community of PEN friends, to be kept informed of what is happening with PEN and the patient experience more generally.

In addition to this resource we offer membership packages. Members benefit from a wide range of tools, resources and networking opportunities aimed at helping organisations to improve the patient experience – and these services will continue to grow. Members can also receive discounts on selected services and have the opportunity to be formally recognised for their on-going commitment to improving the patient experience.

Membership is available at differentlevels depending on whether you are an individual or an organisation, what kind of resources you wish to access and how you wish to work with PEN. Each membership package has some flexibility to be adjusted to meet the varied needs of our members:

    • Partner Member
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    • Individual Member (PENFriend)
    • Public access

PEN is self-funded through membership fees, sponsorship and fees for ‘commercial services’ such as training. We are not for profit which means that after we have paid the bills we re-invest any surplus funds into developing the service we offer and helping to improve patients’ experience.

Further information regarding payment and membership options are available please visit the links on this page or contactpage for more details.



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