Award categories

Patient experience isthe sum of all interactions, shaped by an organisations culture, that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care.
The Beryl Institute

Wed love to hear from you if you have done something that has improved the experience of care whether it is for patients, carers, families or staff. We have a wide range of categories to reflect the wide ranging work in this area. From large organisation-wide strategic initiatives to local more operational activities, from commissioning to providing the experience, from public engagement programmes to specific targeted actions there will be a category for your work.

Please note you can enter a project or initiative that has been submitted in a previous year, as long as it has progressed and subsequently you have new results to show. We love to hear how a story has developed and it can be really inspiring documenting a journey from humble beginnings to its successful completion, or ongoing ascendency.

If your programme has come about as a result of something you learnt through PENNA please let us know! Perhaps you attended an event and heard about an initiative that you then implemented, or read one of the case studies and applied some of the learnings to your area. We know this programme makes a difference and would love to hear more about the difference it made to you and your organisation.

All entries will be judged on their merit, irrelevant of the size of the project or initiative. There is a standardjudging criteriaagainst which all entries will be scored.

For more information about the PEN National Awards 2019 categories, click here.