About Us

The Patient Experience Network (PEN) is a ‘not for profit’ membership based network.
An independent organisation that welcomes all involved in delivering the patient experience – with a commitment to continuously improve.

Our aim is to provide a valuable, practical resource/service for all healthcare organisations wishing to improve the patient experience. A key emphasis of the network is learning from each other and sharing best practice.

We are aided by advisors (for example the Judging Panel for the PEN National Awards) representing a broad range of skills and sectors – all with a strong focus on the service experience.

We are always keen to add expertise to our panel, and welcome individuals with a strong interest in patient/customer experience. Please contact us if you would like to be involved.

What is Patient Experience?

Patient Experience is the sum total of the patient’s experiences during their care and is a function of the level of ‘service’ they receive. It is their personal experience of ‘what actually happened’ during care or treatment and encompasses whether they received the level of care that mattered to them.

Patients are, of course, a subset of the people who experience healthcare services and a comprehensive approach must involve other ‘service users’ such as families and carers. We should consider ‘patient experience’ as convenient terminology to encompass the experience of all service users.

Staff experience is also a key enabler to patient experience.